Requirements and Limitations in UmetricsĀ® Studio

Beta tag

Beta tagged functionality is not covered by the SLA. Feedback and bug reports are very welcome. Functionality is expected to work but there is a higher tolerance on bugs.

Access management

Access to a resource via a direct link is possible without sharing the project, provided the user is within the same organization.

License management

When adding seats to an active license:

  • the display of total and active seats may be incorrect.
  • the total number of seats is still usable.
  • verify the number of occupied seats by manually counting activations in the user list.

Entity names and descriptions

For entities (projects, workspaces, workflows, datasets, models, dashboards etc.): - name cannot be longer than 100 characters, - description cannot be longer than 1000 characters.

File import

Supported file size for modelling:

  • 100 batches
  • 100 time points (rows) per batch
  • 50 variables (columns)

Supported file formats for datasets: - Comma Separated Values (.csv) - UmetricsĀ® Suite .USP - Excel (.xlsx, .xlsb, xls)

Limitations for xls files; - system can only take in data from first sheet. - system will always interpret first row as header row regardless if it contains variable names or data. - when specifying Secondary ID before Batch Id and Batch Age, validation items for Batch ID and Batch Age are incorrectly set to resolved state even though these are still not specified.

Upload of open files is unsupported for some combinations of OS and web browsers. Close the file and upload it again.

A variable with both integers and decimal values is occasionally read as integer only, resulting in the decimal values being displayed as missing and in statistics handled as missing. All model results using such variables are correct.

Dataset requirement

For Explore and Cell Insights, all datasets must have one, and only one, header row containing the variable names and they need to be unique within the dataset. In case the variable name is not unique the system will add \"(1)\" to the duplicated variable name, if that also exist system will add \"(2)\", if that exist add \"(3)\"and so on. Each dataset must also have a column with row, or batch, identifiers. This batch ID must be the same throughout each batch duration. The duration must be represented by a relative time vector showing the time in days from the start of a batch.

Qualitative/categorical variables are not supported, nor are date/time variables.

Secondary ID columns are not allowed to be to the left of the Batch ID column since that will cause problem in modelling.

Files and datasets from earlier versions

A file uploaded to a workspace, where the system has failed to create a dataset (parsing failed), are listed from version 2.3 and onwards. This means that old, failed uploaded files may be displayed in the Data section.

The Dataset summary view is unsupported for files uploaded previous to version 2.3.

Datasets added and contextualized prior to version 2.3 lack contextualization. Models created on the data are correct, but dashboards are blank and New model from will not work until the data has been uploaded and contextualized again.

Updating dataset name and addition of dataset description are not available for datasets created in versions prior to 2.2.

Import from source (Beta)

  • The Sampling interval only supports integers.
  • Data imported from a source includes timestamps. Timestamps are currently not supported and cannot be used in the system.

BioPATĀ® MFCS connections: - Mode and Output tags are not available when requesting data

  • Node Batches are visible in the list but not yet supporting requests of batch conditions

Cell Insights

Both Perfusion Cell Line Selection (PCLS) and Virtual Bioreactor (VB) can be time and resource demanding which is why the recommended maximum number of batches is 30 for these objectives.

Virtual Bioreactor

For Virtual Bioreactor simulations, note that the event list and custom feed compositions are not saved until the simulation is executed.

Workspace management with objective PCLS or VB

Working simultaneously in the same workspace is not supported While configuring models. This to avoid unintentionally editing the same model. Only a limitation until the model has been fitted.