Release notes

Umetrics® Studio 2024.826.0

Umetrics® Studio 2024.826.0 was released April 18, 2024.

Workflow Builder

  • User Functions can be exported from the Workflow Builder as a zip-file containing the function script and the configuration. This can then be imported to the Workflow Builder.
  • The label of workflow runs can be given a name, making it easier to find previous runs.

Umetrics® Studio 2024.822.0

Umetrics® Studio 2024.822.0 was released April 11, 2024.

Edit dataset

  • Contextualization and row/column deletions are automatically saved and new dataset versions created. Previously SAVE created a new version.
  • The dataset versions, including modification details, are listed in the History section in the Explorer pane.
  • Multiple rows/columns can be selected and deleted.
  • Column width is adjusted to content width.

Umetrics® Studio 2024.726.1

Umetrics® Studio 2024.726.1 was released March 21, 2024.

Workflows and Applications

  • Results from a workflow can be visualized using dashboards
  • An application can be created from a workflow

Edit dataset

  • Secondary ID can be specified. Such columns are not included in any calculations.
  • Datatype is updated after deleting rows.
  • Tooltip displays cell content when content exceeds column width.

Asset library

  • Current version of dataset is saved to the asset library

External API

  • The external API capability is released
  • Users can check Studio version and fetch project list via API
  • Documentation is available

Umetrics® Studio 2024.524.1

Umetrics® Studio 2024.524.1 was released March 7, 2024.

Import data

  • Excel .xls and Umetrics® Suite SIMCA® .usp files can be imported into workspaces.
  • As Batch Age (also known as Time and Maturity) has to be numerical, there is an alert in the right-hand pane if that should not be the case.

Export data

  • Each saved version of a dataset can be downloaded to csv

Edit dataset

  • Individual columns can be deleted
  • Deleted rows and columns remain in the spreadsheet, marked as deleted, until the dataset is saved and the rows and columns are removed. Before saving, each change can be individually undone in the History section in the right-hand pane.


  • Layout picker that speeds up data exploration

Cell Insights

  • Model and simulation settings and results can be downloaded as one file
  • Everything needed to support HEK 293 growth phase modelling is in place

Umetrics® Studio 2.6

Umetrics® Studio 2.6.0 (2024.127.3) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.5 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8.6 was released February 8, 2024.


Cell Insights

New version of the bioreactor modelling library. Here is a summary of the most important modifications.

  • Note! Change in custom function signature require update of all existing custom functions for them to work.
  • Volume is now a state variable affected by feeds and flows
  • Feeds now affect volume and concentration variables
  • Inhibition plot will now show inhibition from all metabolites and inputs, not only from biomaterial
  • Controllers have been modified so simulation of e.g. media exchange events and metabolite setpoints are affected
  • Metabolic state reset has been updated to make the simulated metabolite values align with the measured values.
  • Due to the updated bioreactor library, minor differences in values are to be expected compared to previous version.

Metabolite consumption rate plot is available in the model results view for Virtual bioreactor models.

Import data

Versioning of datasets, including revert to older versions.

Edit dataset

Delete rows

History with unsaved operations

Workflow Builder

Code editing with versioning enabled for user functions

Type support in function inputs


Import data

New contextualization toolbar for Batch ID and Batch Age (previously known as Time).

User guidance, and assistance, to ensure correct dataset contextualization.

Improved visualization of contextualized data in dataset.

Improved renaming of duplicated variable id:s.

UX improvements

Inline pattern for projects, workspaces and workflows

Clear status indicators in the workspace left-hand panels.

Umetrics® Studio 2.5.1

Umetrics® Studio 2.5.1 (2023.3456.14) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.4 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8.5 was released January 11, 2024.


Bug fixes regarding security and usability.

Umetrics® Studio 2.5

Umetrics® Studio 2.5 (2023.3456.10) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.4 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8.5 was released December 21, 2023.


Cell Insights

When selecting batches to be included in model fit, duration and Peak VCD are visualized to make it easier to identify high-performing batches.


Duplicate any widget in the generic dashboard and modify it as desired.


Auto-save implemented

Improved Access Control performance, including data files

Manual and automatic logout user experience enhancements

Performance Improvements

Umetrics® Studio 2.4

Umetrics® Studio 2.4 (2023.2993.9) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.3 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8.4 was released November 9, 2023.


Connectivity to BioPAT® MFCS

Introduces Connectivity to Sartorius Digital Solutions MFCS 4 through SimApis. This enhancement enables users to generate datasets utilizing historical data derived from BioPAT® MFCS connected bioreactors.

Cell Insights

Access metabolite concentration and consumption rate plots during Virtual Bioreactor model configuration.

Exclude batches from model fitting in Cell Insights, while still retaining their availability for visualization.


Trajectory plots can be saved as images and copied to clipboard for further use.


Archive models, dashboards, datasets and datafiles. View the list of archived items and manage restoration, including datasets from the Umetrics® Studio Library.


Import data

Excel .xlsb import format available in workspaces.

Enhanced file view displays both successful and failed imported datasets, detailing system pre-processing actions, affected cells, columns, and rows. File metadata (Name, Creator, Creation Time) and dataset version information are now included.

Other improvements

Support for Unicode for naming and describing entities (projects, workspaces, workflows, datasets, models, dashboards, etc.), accommodating a variety of languages' characters and symbols.

The availability of Umetrics® Studio is maintained despite connectivity issues with external services like the Revenera licensing server.

Service monitoring has been enhanced.

Umetrics® Studio 2.3.1

Umetrics® Studio 2.3.1 (2023.2289.17) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.2 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8.3 was released September 28, 2023.


Improvements in service monitoring

Umetrics® Studio 2.3

Umetrics® Studio 2.3 (2023.2289.13) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.2 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8.3 was released September 14, 2023.


Cell Insights Virtual Bioreactor

Save simulations for future reference, comparison, and as template for new simulations.

Workflow Builder

Versioning of user functions, including revert to older versions.

Workflow versions are associated with runs. When viewing a previous workflow run, the original workflow with user functions is visualized.

When a workflow produces an image as output (PNG or SVG file), the image can be viewed within the workflow builder.

Import data

Data Import view with progress bars.

Parsing Datasets view with original and current dataset name.

System Notifications

System Notifications to end users on the hosted cloud possible to send from Sartorius.

User Groups

Custom user groups for sharing work and collaborating on projects.

Sharing with Individual User(s)

Share projects with one or more individual users as well as user groups.


Automatically notifies and logs out users from Umetrics® Studio when inactive for longer than 30 minutes.

Umetrics® Studio 2.2.1

Umetrics® Studio 2.2.1 (2023.1497.14) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.1.2 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8.2 was released July 6, 2023.


Fix of a bug causing a license error for new users and users who haven't been logged in the last 30 days.

Umetrics® Studio 2.2

Umetrics® Studio 2.2 (2023.1497.10) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.1.2 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8.2 was released June 8, 2023.


Data Import

Connectivity with Aveva PI process historian database (Beta). Possible for User to create dataset based on data in connected process historian.



User can rename a dataset and add a description for a dataset.


Modelling and Reporting

General OPLS Models and all types of Reports has been removed from Umetrics® Studio.

Umetrics® Studio 2.1

Umetrics® Studio 2.1 (2023.934.9) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.1.1 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8.1 was released April 27, 2023.


Data visualization

Statistics in dashboard trajectory plots of raw data.

Workflow Builder

User functions can be customized after they have been created and/or added to a workflow. Inputs and outputs can be added, changed, and removed as desired.

Umetrics® Studio 2.0.1

Umetrics® Studio 2.0.1 (2023.364.15) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.1 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8 was released March 28, 2023.


Cell Insights

Added functionality to be able to migrate Cell Insight data from version 1.0.3 to 2.0.1.


Updated expiry date for internal license used in OPLS Regression and Workflow Builder.

Umetrics® Studio 2.0

Umetrics® Studio 2.0 (2023.364.11) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.1 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.8 was released February 28, 2023.


Asset Library

With Asset Library, datasets can be shared with other users in the organization and reused in workspaces.

Virtual Bioreactor

Custom functions for product concentration (titer) and specific metabolic consumption rate are now available.


New model type - Model process over time (Batch evolution models).

Data visualization

New column plot type in dashboards.

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.4

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.4 (2022.1213.7) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.0.4 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.7.4 was released December 22, 2022.



SaaS with multi-tenancy is enabled for trial environment.

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.3

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.3 (2022.523.26) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.0.3 and Umetrics® Scibox® 0.7.3 was released November 17, 2022.


Cell Insights

Use your own custom function to calculate the product concentration (titer) instead of the default function.

Data exploration dashboard

Preview of the data exploration dashboard for batch evolution data, showing batch trajectory plots and tables of raw data.

Modify the appearance of titles, axis labels and series in dashboard plots.

File download

Download an uploaded file from the Assets pane.


File download

Progress bar added to file upload message.

Data visualization

Select functionality extended to individual observations in dashboard trajectory plots and tables.


Support for Azure blob storage as an alternative to S3 storage.

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.2

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.2 (2022.9.109) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.0.2 and Umetrics® Scibox 0.7.2 was released September 16, 2022.


Cell Insights

Create a model based on the configuration of an existing model.

Download data as csv-files from plots and tables.

Multiple simulations available in Virtual Bioreactor.


Possibility for a license administrator to assign and remove licenses for users in the organization.

Users with only a Umetrics® Scibox license cannot create, access or read information regarding Cell insights functionality.


Notification inbox.

Notifications for fit model (when started and then when finished successful or unsuccessfully).

View and search for historical notifications (notifications up to 30 days old).


Perfusion Cell Line Selection Model and Simulation Reports.

Virtual Bioreactor Model and Simulation Reports.


Cell Insights

Metabolite reset added to all model result views.

Threshold visualization with two levels.

Audit Trail

New Objects
  • Collection
New events
  • CollectionCreated
  • CollectionUpdated
  • EulaAcceptanceEvent
  • FunctionUpdated
  • GroupCreateEvent
  • GroupDeleteEvent
  • GroupMembershipCreateEvent
  • GroupMembershipDeleteEvent
  • GroupUpdateEvent
  • ModelStatusChanged
  • SimulationFailed
  • UserCreateEvent
  • UserDeleteEvent
  • UserUpdateEvent

OPLS Report

Performance improved, generates in less than 2 sec.

Water stamp in plots.

Annotation was renamed Description.

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.1

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.1 (2022.7.119) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.0.1 and Umetrics® Scibox 0.7.1 was released July 8, 2022.


Project management

Archive Projects, Workspaces and Workflows in order to only have relevant resources active. An archived collection can be reactivated.

Cell Insights

Advanced settings extended to include configurable settings for Solver, Kinetic limits, Bleed control, Inhibition and toxicity, Physical limitations and General parameters.

New model from enables configuration of a new model based on the configuration of an existing model.


Added support for kubernetes 1.22.

All containers use non-privileged ports.

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.0

Umetrics® Studio 1.0.0 (2022.5.449) including Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio 1.0.0 and Umetrics® Scibox 0.7.0 was released May 18, 2022.


This is the first version of Umetrics® Studio. The included technical features are listed here.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

User access by Keycloak. Can be integrated into for example Microsoft Active Directory.

Creation of user groups to share projects.

Project management

Keep projects private, or Share projects within a pre-defined user group.

Data ingest

Excel (.xlsx) and Comma Separated Value (.csv) files can be uploaded.

OPLS regression

Fit OPLS regression models with one Y variable, UV scaling, and 1+1+0 components.

Cell Insights

Perfusion Cell Line Selection
Modeling setup

Viable cell density (VCD) and Cell viability are required model parameters.

Product concentration (titer) is an optional model parameter.

Time base for Cell Insights is days.

Simulation types

General simulation

Intensified growth

Perfusion optimizer

Centrifuge perfusion

Virtual Bioreactor
Modeling setup

Viable cell density (VCD), Cell viability and Volume are required model parameters.

Time base for Cell Insights is days.

Optional model parameters:

  • Input types (Quadratic, Substrate, Inhibition)
  • Titer
  • Metabolite (Quadratic, Substrate, Inhibition)
  • Concentration/Flow (feed bolus, feed flow, bleed flow, harvest flow)

Advanced Settings for the Solver include number of particles and iterations.

Simulation Events

Input setpoint

Metabolite or cell metric reset

Feed addition

Metabolite setpoint

Media exchange

Data contextualization and visualization

Assign Batch ID and Time

Quick information for the marked column:

  • Column plot
  • Trajectory plot
  • Histogram
  • Statistics

Model exploration


Zoom in plots



OPLS Regression

Observed vs Predicted plot

Loadings plot

Model diagnostics: R2, Q2, RMSEE, RMSEcv

Cell Insights {#cell-insights-1}

Viable cell density over time.

Cell density over time.

Plotting of source and model variables.

Marking connected over plots and tables.


Create report from the included template.

Download the report as pdf.


Create and run Workflows using System functions.

Create and run Workflows using user defined Python functions.

Excel (.xlsx) and Comma Separated Value (.csv) files can be uploaded.

System functions

Fit PCA model

Fit OPLS model

Extract data from model

Extract data from OPLS model

Predict score from model

Predict with OPLS model

Split data to X and Y

Audit trail

Create, update, execution and deletion events are recorded in the System Audit Trail.

User and user group changes are recorded in System Audit Trail when using Keycloak.

The System Audit Trail can be accessed through the 3rd party tool, Open Search.

System logs

System logs track errors and information for the system.

The System logs can be accessed through the 3rd party tool, Open Search.